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The Charm of FOH

Gold Griffin

For most of you, the Field of Honor is a familiar sight, providing you with a simulated battlefield environment to practice tactical strategies and cultivate team cooperation. After two and a half months’ competition, the fifth playoffs season ended when Lih from K32 led his team to the crown. Today, we invited this great leader to join us for an interview and share his feelings about his first season win!

GM: Hello, Lih. K32 is quite well known as a very active and powerful kingdom. You’ve done a good job in LOW and KLC, and now you’re gaining new fans by reaching the top of the Field of Honor. Compared to LOW and KvK, what is it about FOH that you like, and what is it that motivates your team to dominate so thoroughly?

Lih: FOH means a lot to me, especially for the two following aspects:

  1. It has been 1,124 days since Kingdom K32 opened. We started from scratch and have accomplished so much in the past 3 years, but never once won FOH. The FOH champion is to us what FIFA World Cup Trophy is to a football player. We needed to win it.
  2. In addition to the Golden Wings, the extra Honor Medals are a great charm.

GM: You met K57 in the semifinal and K130 in the final. Can you tell us what you think of these two opponents? And what did you feel was the key to winning the two battles?

Lih: K130 is definitely the toughest opponent I have encountered. Their king has extremely high attributes and the players are elite. Personally speaking, the kings from K130, K103, and K96 are among the Top 3 that I’ve faced in ROK. I believe there were several keys to our victory:

  1. Tailor-made strategies for different teams;
  2. Team cooperation. The 15 players on our team were united and stood together to the end
  3. Confidence. We fell behind in the beginning of both the semifinal and the final, but we came through and won the battles
  4. A bit of luck. I forgot to use the individual alliance technology in the semifinal, which happened to be fortunate because there was no cooldown time in the final.

GM: Which battle impressed you the most throughout the entire season? What is your role on the team? And who is the most strategic player in the team?

Lih: It was the final with K130, of course. We were behind for almost 15 minutes but we fought really hard to make a comeback and finally won the battle in the end.

I’m the decision maker. I decide the tactics and deploy the troops for each battle.

The most strategic player in our team is Glorfindel, who gathered all sorts of information and came up with different plans for our discussion.

GM: Do you have any suggestions for the Field of Honor?

Lih: The battle time for playoffs is 30 minutes, which in my opinion is too short because sometimes you may lose the game to some uncertainties. So I suggest the battle time be changed to 1 hour.

Thanks to Lih for sharing his experience with us. We sure hope their team will be able to dominate next season. You are also welcome to share your suggestions and FOH stories in the community for everyone to share and discuss.

Thank you, The ROK Team


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