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Story|The FAEL Waste- Chapter 1

Here comes the fresh Chapter 31 of the story [The FAEL WASTE] from Darth2018. Let’s see together what happens.

“Rin’in Steelshaper?” Istar called. “You helped build this place! You must know if there is a path to the Throne Room suitable for us but unusable by the dragon? These cities are all warrens of hidden passages and secret ways?” Istar looked at Rin in the faint light of the staffs. The dwarf scratched at his beard and nodded slightly.

“Aye, elf!” Rin squinted up at the sorcerer. “I recall a few private channels that Fintan requested be laid alongside the main corridors.” He laughed briefly. “You elves are a cunning lot when you wish to be. The king wanted ways to move unseen by the house staff or his retainers when he wished! Yes, I can show you a way to the Throne Room, and if we move smartly, we might even beat that worm there, for he will have difficulty backing out of these narrow climes!

Istar turned to gaze at the Njai princess. “I will help you get your kinsman free, if you will have me, Eritra of the Fael!” The renegade looked at the rest. “And I offer my word to you all that I will do what I can to aid you in this.”

“Done, sorcerer of Imladon!” Eritra cried. “And we must go swiftly, I fear! We spend too much time talking!”

“Aye,” Dolen agreed, “If it can be done, we do it now.” He looked at Rin. “Lead on, Master of Stone, and be swift!”

Rin shoved his way to the front and looked over his shoulder. “Follow!”

They made their way rapidly back to the chamber of the cells. Asherai stood smoldering by the crystal pane watching them pass, her eyes alarmed when she saw Greythywst. The elder wizard stepped over and placed his palm over hers on the cell wall. He felt no heat but she smiled wanly at him and waved him on. He stepped away and followed the company into the darkened corridor leading into the city’s interior. The size of the passage was larger than those behind, carved pillars set at regular intervals in the walls. The builders had given more attention to the ornamentation of the stonework the closer one came to the central stairways rising through the city.

A vast chamber ahead beckoned them onward but Rin ducked into a side door and they followed him into what looked like a private antechamber. He stepped over to a large stone fireplace and lingered for a moment, searching the ornate stone decorations, draped by ages of dusty cobwebs.

“Ahh!” the dwarf breathed and reached up to press against a stone flower rising from an urn carved into the mantelpiece. The flower moved and they heard a click. Beside the left fireplace pillar, a dark line appeared and Rin stepped over and pushed a hidden panel open. Darkness ran away beyond the wall and Rin stepped through, beckoning the rest to follow. Greythywst followed Rin, his staff glimmering a faint light. The alley they moved along was rough cut and dust, long undisturbed, arose around their boots as they passed. The passage climbed and dove as they walked and Dolen worried they were going too slow, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had to trust the dwarf.

They crossed many side rooms as they crept forward and they camE to one that gave them pause.

“An armory?” Dolen said. “Lunslyn, you and the rest of you archers, see! There are arrows. Gather all you can. We will have need of them!”

Rhinoch stepped forward to handle several pikes set in a rack on the armory’s wall. In his giant hands, they seemed like spears but he was glad to have them. Testing the iron-shod tips, he glanced at Dolen, smiling. “Still sharp! These might irritate the worm if I can get close enough!”

Dolen grunted a warning. “Not too close, my friend! You are talking about a dragon!”

After what seemed like an age, Rin stopped, reaching a restraining back behind him. Lunalyn could hear the company’s breathing and if she could hear it, so would the dragon. “Hush!” she urged quietly.

The dwarf stepped against the wall and they heard stone grate against stone. Thin rays of fluttering reddish light flicked into the passage, caught by the dust in the air. “The dragon hasn’t come yet.” Rin said, peering through a spyhole in the wall. “I don’t see your kinsman, Lady of the Fael.”

“Can we enter the room, dwarf?” Dolen asked. “We have little time.”

They heard the dwarf fumbling across the surface of the wall, then a grating clunk and a door swung open. He stepped through and turned. “Be quick! I will mind the door but know that if the beast comes, I will close it behind me!”

Eritra was first out into the Throne Room. She moved quickly to a broken handrail at the edge of a platform. The chamber was littered with broken debris lit by guttering torches set in wall scones around the upper dome. In their sullen light, chairs and bent lamp standards draped by blankets of dust, crushed chests of every sort half protruding from the diaphanous grime…and paved in gold and silver treasure in quantities she had never imagined possible, a tall dais rode above the platform, seemingly growing out of a huge stone column wrapped in carved vines and brush limbs as if it were in a great forest. Dolen stepped past her. The elf stood listening, then turned right and raced to the stairway and leapt swiftly up the steps. “Don’t just stare!” he called back, “Search!”

Lunalyn shoved past the Njai general. “Search the other side of the platform. Istar, you go with her. Allura, Rhinoch and I will take this side.’ The ranger pointed to Moira and Greythywst. “Go down to the throne floor below. The youngling may have hidden down there! Hurry!”

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