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Skill shop explained

Hey everyone!

Today’s subject is about the skill shop, I’ll explain it’s functions and also give my advice on what books should be incinerated and on what basis, I hope this will be helpful to some of you, anyway let’s get started.

1 – skill shop, where to find this section? Click on hall of heroes, you will see three icons pop up, one of them says skill shop, click on it and there you will arrive at the one and only skill shop.

Functions of skill shop:

-first and most obvious is the top left section called “buy” in this section you can buy skill books or skill book pages (10 skill book pages = a skill book) you can buy pages with either resources or gems, but full skill books can be bought using only gems, at the bottom right you will see a button that says “refresh” you have two free refresh chances every day, after that it will cost you gems to refresh, also, this section refreshes automatically for free every 8 hours, my advice here is to buy the skill books that you want and refresh till it starts costing you 100 gems, that should be the standard, if you’re feeling that you’re rich on gems and you really need those skill books then keep on refreshing and buying skill books until you are satisfied or reach the daily limit of refresh chances.

-the very second function is dismantling skill books also known as “Incinerate”, what you do here is simple, dismantle skill books that you don’t need and obtain a currency called “Book ashes”, you use this currency in another section that I will mention later, dismantling skill books gives 10 or 20book ashes depending on skill book, and dismantling a book page gives 1 or 2 book ashes depending on skill page.

-the third and last function of the skill shop is exchange, in this section you exchange the book ashes that you earned through dismantling skill book and book pages, you exchange this currency to buy other skill books or refresh the items displayed, you get one free refresh chance every day, refreshing after that point will cost you 10 book ashes per refresh.

2- now that I have discussed the functions of this shop, I want to give my recommendation on which books you should incinerate and based on what you should incinerate books, first of all, you should incinerate the battle skill books of other troop types that are not your main, you should focus on the skill books of one troop type, get them to max level then consider the books of other troop types, you should also incinerate the training books of other troop types that are not your main, and you should dismantle all the farming skill books, you’re not a farm, you won’t need those.

For example I will tell you what books I keep as an infantry player – infantry attack, infantry defense, infantry HP, shield wall, sorcery, commander, big recruit, healer, infantry coach, infantry conscription, root out, pike wall, wall defender, everything else I incinerate when needed.

And that’s all I have for today, thank you everyone!


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