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ROK’s 5th Anniversary Celebration Events Overview

The new version is set for release after the maintenance on 2021/06/07 (1:30-4:30 UTC). After the update, ROK’s 5th Anniversary Celebrations will be ready for your enjoyment, my Lords! We’ve prepared a whole series of thrilling events and big prizes just for you! Let’s take a closer look together!

[Anniversary Sign-in]

The Anniversary Sign-in event will start on 2021/06/07 (UTC) and last for a total of 10 days.

Sign-in rewards include Gideon, Kanoa, Kavehn and Bige shards, Optional Mythical Beast Material Chest I and Optional Medal Chest; there is also the item “Statue Part” that can be used to exchange for the anniversary series of decoration, which you will not want to miss.

Remember to log in each day during the event to claim gifts!

[Elf’s Trial]

Complete all the quests on the slate to win awesome rewards including Gems, Resources, and Speedups. Complete 3 quests in a row (vertically or horizontally) to claim a stage reward. Complete 9 quests to claim the Trial Treasure!

Azure Crystals earned from the Trial Treasure can be gifted during the Mermaid’s Promise event!

[Mermaid’s Promise]

Gather Azure Crystals from collecting resources and slaying monsters, or by taking part in the “Elf’s Trial” event. Gift Azure Crystals to win essential “Mystic Conches” and “Mermaid Scales” for the Elfen Summons event. There’s even a chance to multiply points and rewards when gifting Azure Crystals.

Gift a specific amount of Azure Crystals to win stage rewards, including Hero Shards of Orange Atina and other Gold Heroes, Lord EXP, as well as the usual resources and speedups.

[Elfen Summons]

Adne is waiting for you in the beautiful Lake of Life!

Exchange combos of “Mystic Conches” and “Mermaid Scales” for the new Gold Heroine Adne. You still have a chance to win abundant rewards, including Legendary Medals, Troops Buff Skill Chests, and even resources and speedups.

[Bond of the Tides]

Increase Atina and Adne’s Level and Rank to win big!

Rewards include Statue Parts, which can be exchanged for exclusive anniversary decorations – Skill Books, Knowledge Potions, and tons of resources, and speedups!

[Ancient Gifts]

Exchange for the exclusive Fortress of the Tides Castle Theme, as well as the matching Marching Effect, Chatter Box, Avatar Frame, and Name Plate decorations!

Collect “Statue Parts” by taking part in the [Anniversary Sign-in] and [Bond of the Tides] events, or by purchasing event packs. Exchange Statue Parts for exclusive anniversary decorations!

Note: The Fortress of the Tides Castle Theme is a surprise for ROK’s 5th Anniversary, and is only available during the Ancient Gifts event! Don’t miss out on the chance to strengthen your troops and look great doing it!

Remember to visit the Forum often for all the hottest game info and lots of fun events and rewards. Happy gaming!


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