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Monster Siege: The Story of the Lich King

There’s a brand new Monster Siege event debuting soon. Before you start polishing your monster slaying sword, get to know your enemy. It’s important to learn the history behind your enemies. Today, Elyanna will be digging deep into the archives, for some particularly ancient scrolls, to share their dark secrets with you!

A legendary archmage many, many years ago uncovered a chilling secret from the Third Age buried among the dusty tomes of the Brotherhood of the Gibbous. These ancient mages had at one time sealed an immense force from the Void. Curious and eager for great power, and knowing the complexity and potential of the spells being described, the archmage explored the Ruins for this ‘force’, until the fateful night he found it.

Though he could sense the power being emitted, the sigils used in the binding were ancient, their full and true meanings lost to the ether of time. As he tried to weave his arcane energy into the spell pattern, he didn’t notice the creeping darkness hidden within it. Overwhelmed with the immense power flooding into him and bursting with pride and arrogance, the archmage became corrupted by the Void.

This poor mage would go on to become a terrifying force of nature bent on enslaving all of Nyria to his dark will – the infamous Lich King. Using his newfound power he raised dark legions of the undead, and then called his banners. Word went out to the Orcs first, having long been natural allies of dark forces bent on dark deeds. However, they had other reasons to put the peaceful lands to the torch, as they had been a heavily persecuted minority in Nyria since the destruction of their ‘Great Army’ several generations ago.

Great powers prepare to collide, as the times of peace and plenty give way to the dark clouds of war. As the Lord of your Kingdom, what will you do? More details will be revealed in the near future! See you soon!


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