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Man the Walls! By Mario Jacky(Victor)

Today we have an extra special guide from one of our wonderful players, Mario Jacky(Victor), who hails from K326.

This has been such on overlooked topic that until today, it bothers me! I have played Kingdom versus Kingdom for multiple months and seen countless mistakes regarding castle defense. It is an amazing joy for me to find castles with poor battle heroes on the wall defense of their castle. What is more enjoyable is seeing gathering or assist heroes, instead of battle heroes. This is an absolute joy for me, and it is an open invitation to 0 that castle.

To ‘man the walls’ in a professional way, we must remember that only battle heroes can successfully defend your castle against solo attacks or rallies. You must take into account multiple types of defense mechanisms, and for this, you must decide how to prepare and maximize your chances of success.

Castle defense is a combination of:

  • troop type and troop type amount,
  • heroes and associated books,
  • statistics,
  • battle talents.

Today we will be focusing the hero selection and troop combination that will award you the best chances to stay alive after a rally. From my experience, infantry is your most solid defense option for non-spenders and small amounts of spending. I wish to talk about options for these players.

Rafe is an amazing infantry protection hero. He can ONLY be used inside your castle! I see often players attacking with Rafe and Rhinoch. It clearly says in the hero description: ‘increases infantry attack and defense for infantry inside your Castle’. This means that he will not award the 55,78% infantry attack and defense when attacking. Valid only in defense! In the bellow photo he is level 120+48.

Oged Mael is your advanced free infantry hero. At level 120 he awards 80,02% infantry defense and HP! At level 120+40 he awards 87,91% defense and HP. So at max, 120+50 he will clearly be close to 90% defense and HP. Your infantry will be tough to beat. Oged Mael is more valuable in defense than Rhinoch. Due to higher Battle Prestige, higher books statistics gain. Example: Rhinoch 120, infantry attack book 30 gives 34,04% attack. Oged 120, infantry attack book 30 gives 38,80% attack.

Rin’in Steelshaper is my absolute favorite defense hero for a simple reason: he will protect all my soldiers with 44,71% defense and HP. He is without a doubt the best overall defensive choice for any non-spending player. It will take time to upgrade him to level 120, but trust me, he is worth the effort!

The books that you see on the attached heroes are situational, and can be changed:

Now, another aspect would be to clarify why I use these 2 heroes considering my troop count. I recommend to train and achieve the following portions of soldiers: 50% infantry, 25% cavalry, 13% archers and 12% war machines. I have created a strong wall of infantry, which can withstand enemies. If you really want to maximize your infantry potential, achieve a high level of shield infantry (t10). Out of your total infantry, I recommend training minimum 50% level 10 infantry and 50% level 9, which you can later promote to level 11. Do not exceed 1.500.000 t10 infantry.

My troop count is impressive in size, each KVK Troop Training event I only speed train infantry, my infantry training speed is now 553%. This means each KVK I add new infantry and my castle is more resilient to rallies.

I would always use a hero that has reached level 120 + books. If I need to choose between Rhinoch 120 and Gideon 80, I would pick Gideon! Why? Even if he has inferior statistics, he has a damage buff for spearman and 10% dodge chance for shieldman infantry. It is important to notice which combination of heroes ensure you highest defensive ability. Of course, Jassan reflects damage received by infantry. However, to use Jassan you need to have high HP. Consider using Jassan and Oged Mael (or Rin’in Steelshaper).

Some tips from my side:

Mixed combos:

1) Dolen Sikil and Oged Mael are a great combination because Oged protects the infantry heavily and Dolen gives attack to all soldier types. (mix defense troop benefit)

2) Rin’in Steelshaper and Oged give great HP and defense to your infantry and to all other troops’ types.

3) Rin’in Steelshaper and Jassan give high infantry HP + overall defense and HP to all troops.

Pure infantry combo:

4) Rafe and Gideon are a great because they maximize attack, defense and damage of your infantry. (pure infantry defense)

5) Jassan and Oged Mael give the highest HP combination to your infantry + infantry reflect (

6) If you have a low Gideon, consider using Rafe and Dolen for high infantry attack.

There is no easy answer of what fits and what does not. It depends much on what soldiers you have in your castle, what books and what statistics. How to find out if you are ok in defense? Accept rallies from time to time and see how much you can withstand or what you can not. However, the risk is you can fail! So carefully consider what you decide.

Go to victory, by Victor!

What do you think of this guide? Have your say in the comments below and remember to share his guide with all your friends!

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