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Hero System Introduction

Today we are talking about heroes! I will introduce the entire hero system in the following content.

What are Heroes?

We are introduced to the Hero system at Castle level 2. Heroes can be summoned at the Hall of Heroes, which can be found in the center of your castles interior.

After this, you will be presented with the Hero Summons Screen where you can consume Regular Summon Spells or Advanced Summon Spells to try and summon them to aid your cause!

Every day, you are presented with FIVE free Regular summons. It takes five minutes to recharge the free summoning before you can use another. You are also granted one free Advanced summon every 24 HOURS. Unlike it’s regular counterpart, these free spells need 24 full hours after use to recharge.

Hero Type

There are three types of heroes in the game. Battle, Development and Assist. Heroes can be sent on dispatches or assigned to buildings in your castle.

Battle heroes:

Battle heroes are heroes that bestow mighty buffs on your troops while engaging with enemy troops. They are valuable assets to turn the tide of battle! They will increase the attack, defense and HP of troops they lead into battle along with specific skills the heroes possess. Battle heroes can also be assigned to your castle buildings to assist in their functions.

Battle class heroes are the powerful entities leading your troops into battle. They give you an advantage in battle if used correctly. Each battle hero brings their own unique skills to the battle which is extremely important with how you use them in battle.

Development Heroes:

You cannot grow to be big and strong without proper development. These heroes chose the non-violent route and instead opted to help build up the necessary buildings, resources, and research so that you can excel in battle.

Development heroes will to greatly improve the collection speed of any dispatch that is accompanied by your hero. When heroes are assigned to the Institute, Storehouse, or resource tiles inside your Castle, your development prestige will decrease the resource costs for technology research, increase your capacity for protected resources, or increase your resources yield respectively.

For example: Daerus is so important. He can decrease building time, which greatly speeds up the development of your castle.

Assist Heroes:

When heroes are assigned to military buildings, the Workshop, or Field Hospitals, this prestige will increase your training speed, trap making speed and trap attack, or healing speed respectively.

For example: Arjadius will increase training speed when assigned to a military building.

Be sure to check out each individual skill and use them accordingly for maximum potential.

Make sure you click the “buffs” button to get a breakdown of how each heroes skills will affect various acts in your kingdom!

Heroes’ Quality

Tier 3-Purple(Lowest), Tier 2-Orange, Tier 1-Gold(Highest). Heroes of higher quality possess higher basic prestige, will increase their prestige more with each upgrade, and have better fixed skills.

Upgrading Heroes

Lords can increase your Heroes’ level and rank to increase how powerful they are. Increase their power by upgrading their skills or learning, in the Skills Books.

Lords must use Knowledge Potions to increase a hero’s level. As their level increases their prestige will increase as well.

The reach level 120 you need 485 shards (10+25+50+150+250 shards). Each time you power up or level up a hero, he will obtain higher Battle Prestige. Upgrading levels occur like this:

Unlock Level 1: 10 shards, level 40 experience

Upgrade level 2: 25 shards, level 60 experience

Upgrade level 3: 50 shards, level 80 experience

Upgrade level 4: 150 shards, level 100 experience

Upgrade level 5: 250 shards, level 120 experience (maximum)

After achieving their maximum level 120, heroes can be further improved by strengthening, 50 levels, unlocking small benefits that count in the end. They are extremely expensive, consume many shards, but further improve the Hero’s abilities by a small amount. Strengthening levels occur like this:

strengthening level 1-10, 50 shards

strengthening level 10-20, 100 shards

strengthening level 20-30, 150 shards

strengthening level 30-40, 200 shards

strengthening level 40-50, 250 shards

Strengthening levels differ from quality. For example, purple heroes can gain an extra 700 Battle Prestige, orange heroes 850 Battle Prestige, yellow heroes 1.000 Battle Prestige.

If you choose to strengthen your hero, you will earn the following benefits:

Improved overall troop statistics (attack, defense and HP)

Hero built-in ability (or passive ability)

Books percentage gain

Hero skills

Along with their unique skills, lords can place extra skills on these heroes to give them that added boost. It is best to use skills that complement the born skill.

Example: Gideon is a hero who specializes in infantry attack and defense. Placing infantry attack, infantry defense, and infantry HP skills on him will prove more beneficial to your infantry than placing a cavalry skill on him.

The higher tier the hero is, the better the effect of the skills you place on them. The max skill cap for heroes are level 30. Experiment in battle and see what works for you.

Hero bonds

Hero bonds are unlocked and upgraded through obtaining and leveling up heroes that are included in these hero bonds, it’s basically collections of heroes that gives buffs when these heroes are leveled up to the same level.

Follow the instructions in the picture below, click on hero bonds and there you will find hero bonds.

Hero Assignment

Hero can be assigned to some of the buildings inside your Castle. Each building type will benefit from one kind of prestige and one unique buff.

Lords also can send your Heroes to man the walls. Only Heroes that are already manning the walls will give you a buff in battles defending your Castle.

Exchange hero

The Exchange Hero is one way to help obtain some hero you may not have or help reach the maximum level of 120 for the one you do. Each day at reset, we see the Featured Heroes, which do not refresh and then you have Random Heroes, which refresh a couple times per day.

When this feature is available for you, breaking down the shards is easy. Just make sure you are only breaking down the shard you do not need or you do not find any value anymore. Keep the shards you find important or of value. If you break those down, they are gone

Each day you have a free opportunity to exchange heroes up to 10 shards per hero offered. Once you break down the shards into particles, you can exchange it for the available hero shard.

This is definitely a plus for players who do not spend much or just want to get rid of shards for a hero they need.

The gold and orange heroes cost more than the rest, so do not be too hasty or impatient in exchanging your particles right away. Focus on one or two heroes until you have the hero maxed then work on the others. Remember, this feature is not the only way to upgrade your hero. Use it to help enhance the ones you want.

This concludes the introduction to the hero system. I hope this article can help the lords understand the entire hero system more clearly.


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