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Cavalry heros

Today’s subject is about cavalry heroes, although I am an infantry player, but I actually started as a cavalry player but I switched to infantry quickly haha, but that’s not the subject of today, today I want to take a dive down the cavalry heroes, to not only understand them better myself, but to also help those who are having an issue understanding these heroes and with what to use them or how to use them.

1 – the very first cavalry hero that everyone will make contact with is dakell, dakell might be a good cavalry hero at the very start because it’s easy to level him up and obtain his shards that are widely available throughout the dragon challenge, but he has an issue because his skill only gives cavalry attack which makes him less versatile so to say.

Good to pair with – ariawynd, khadjia, rui anh ga, I won’t mention other heroes, because if you have other heroes then you should have a better hero that replaces dakell.

2 – ariawynd, I find this hero to be interesting, for those who are new, this hero was actually blue grade just months before this guide was written, unlike dakell, ariawynd gives cavalry attack and cavalry defense %, but she’s not as available as dakell so that kind of puts her in a disadvantage.

Good to pair with – dakell, khadjia, rui anh ga, and same as earlier I won’t mention other heroes, because if you have other heroes then you should have a better hero that replaces ariawynd.

3 – khadjia, she is a really good free cavalry hero , easy to obtain and it’s a smart idea to upgrade her strengthening level to max, she can be obtained from the last levels of warplay, from the hero shard exchange, and various other sources and gives a lot of %.

Good to pair with – dakell, ariawynd, rui anh ga, aderyn, kavehn, Hua Mulan.

4 – rui anh ga, this hero is easy to obtain for spenders you can fully have her at 5 stars if you obtain level 8 elf privilege, for none spenders she is obtainable but on the long term playing, you could find her in advanced summons I find her there a lot, but when keeping in mind that aderyn exists I’m not sure if it’s really worth it to invest orange shards into rui anh ga, although rui gives a ton of damage, but you will need high cavalry attack % to support that.

Good to pair with – khadija, dakell, ariawynd, aderyn, kavehn, Hua Mulan.

5 – aderyn, aderyn is a really great cavalry hero, she increases cavalry attack and HP %, and gives lancers a 30% chance to ignore enemy defense, and increases the chance of mounted archers activating their critical strike but mounted archers are either T9 or T12 so not much use there for average players, the other issue with aderyn is that she’s not very obtainable for none spenders your best chance is stacking up those orange shards and using them on her, but her First special skill which is giving lancers a 30% chance to ignore enemy defense is a locked skill not affected by hero prestige, in other words it will be maxed out even at level 1, so that’s another advantage of hers.

Good to pair with – khadija, rui anh ga, kavehn, Hua Mulan.

6 – kavehn, he was the only gold cavalry hero for a while until Mulan came, kavehn is a good hero with a really interesting skill, so he basically gives cavalry attack, defense, HP % which is actually not very common amongst heroes to find a hero that buffs all the stats of a specific troop type or any troop type to begin with, his skill is one of a kind, he also increases the damage of cavalry by 0.25% for every 1K cavalry in your dispatch up to a maximum of 25% damage which equals 100K cavalry in a dispatch pretty much.

Good to pair with – hua Mulan, aderyn, khadija, rui anh ga.

7 – hua mulan, Mulan is what really makes cavalry strong, without Mulan I don’t really find cavalry being a threat to any infantry player which are the majority of players in the game, Mulan gives a lot of cavalry attack, and she increases the damage of cavalry by 50% and has a 30% chance to attack again, she is so strong because these attributes are locked and not affected by hero prestige, which means she gives this insane amount of damage at level 1 and that’s what makes her so good, she is usable at level 80 and above and gives decent results at these levels.

Good to pair with – kavehn, aderyn, khadija, rui anh ga.

8 – Akin, the strongest cavalry hero currently, Akin led the rise of the cavalry, allowing the cavalry to take a place in the battle. Akin increase the cavalry attack, meanwhile he also increase cavalry defense and cavalry damage at the same time. And Akin will creates a lightning mark on the enemy troops to decrease their HP by 50%. This can help the cavalry better attack the enemy’s rear troops.

Good to pair with –Mulan, kavehn, aderyn, khadija, rui anh ga.

And that’s all I have for today, thank you everyone.


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