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Birth of the Shadow Dragons

Wars against the Void have never ended in the long history of Nyria! The magic from both sides has a vital influence on all aspects of the land!

As one of the most powerful races to roam the land of Nyria, Dragons possess the power to turn the tide in combat, making them a constant target of the Void’s insidious seduction and corruption. Among them, several Black Dragons succumbed to temptation and became demonized slowly. While they may gain enormous power, they also fall under the Void’s influence, rejecting all life and order! Now they have become accomplices, helping the Void destroy everything in their path, until nothing but chaos is left in Nyria!

The Lich King has dispatched a Shadow Dragon to Nyria. Now, my Lords, you all have the chance to purify this formidable beast and enjoy its considerable buffs on the battlefield!

Lords with a Legendary Lv. 1 Castle are qualified to unlock Shadow Dragon FREE! Raise your Shadow Dragon well and it will bring nightmare debuffs to your opponents!

Shadow Dragons have 4 Passive Skills and 1 Awaken Skill. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Passive Skills (Max Effects):

  1. Cloak of Night: When battling, decreases enemy troop Defense by 30%.
  2. Shadow Assault: When battling, decreases enemy troop HP by 30%.
  3. Quiet Chant: When battling, decreases enemy troop Attack by 30%.
  4. Horrific Curse: When battling, decreases the chance of triggering Attack Skills (Rush Attack, Volley, Pike Wall, etc.) by 15% for enemy troops.

Awaken Skill (Max Effects):

Endless Fear: Casts dark magic to imprison 10% of enemy troops in a void of fear, preventing them from fighting (the upper limit is 300,000). When the battle ends, imprisoned troops and survivors will be returned to the enemy. The skill effect lasts for 1 hour and comes with an 8-hour cooldown period.

This skill will become active when activated manually and your Shadow Dragon is garrisoned. It’s also active when defending your Castle or attacking a Castle, as well as taking part in other gameplay features.

Upgrade your Shadow Dragon to earn Mastery Points, which can be used to activate skills on the Mastery Map. These skills bring debuffs to enemy Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and War Machines!

Note: After the update, you’ll be able to dispatch your Mythical Beasts to garrison the Land of Mythical Beasts! Shadow Dragon’s Active Skills and Mastery are only active when garrisoned.

Shadow Dragon will be available during the 5th Anniversary celebrations early in June. Take part in the “Rage Against the Dark” event to purify your Shadow Dragon and win FREE “Shadow Dragon’s Soul” and “Shadow Dragon’s Skillgem” for its development!

We’ve prepared more surprises and benefits for the 5th Anniversary celebrations. Stay tuned to our in-game Forum and Facebook page to get first-hand information about updates!


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