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Birth of the Divine Dragons

Wars against the Void left behind magic in certain pockets of Nyria. These places are deadly for weaker beings, while powerful beings such as Divine Dragons draw rich energy from them. When they were born, Divine Dragons absorbed tons of divine magic and learned how to use magic. They also absorbed the same abhorrence for the Void, making every effort to obliterate evil from the land of Nyria.

Elyanna has some tips about Divine Dragons to share with you here!

Lords with a Lv. 16 Castle are qualified to unlock Divine Dragon FREE! Nurture your Divine Dragon and it will bring you powerful boosts in combat and development!

Divine Dragons have 4 Passive Skills and 1 Awaken Skill. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Passive Skills (Max Effects):

  1. Divine Blessing: Increases the troop healing limit by 40,000
  2. Defense Blessing: Increases Defense by 25% for all troops
  3. Dawn Blessing: Increases HP by 25% for all troops
  4. Courage Blessing: Increases Attack by 25% for all troops

Awaken Skill (Max Effects):

When your Castle comes under attack, reduces Damage Taken by 40% and Damage Taken from Direct Attack Skills by 10% for defense troops. (Effect is increased to 50% and 15% respectively when an enemy Shadow Dragon is garrisoned and its debuffs are in effect.) The skill effect lasts for 1 hour and comes with an 8-hour cooldown period.

This skill will become active when activated manually and your Divine Dragon is garrisoned. Also, it’s only active when defending your Castle. The skill effects can be stacked with Storm Dragon or Ice Dragon’s skills (Shadow Dragon’s skills not included).

Upgrade your Divine Dragon to earn Mastery Points, which can be used to activate skills on the Mastery Map. These skills help significantly boost your Battle, Development and Assist Attributes.

Note: After the update, you will be able to dispatch your Mythical Beasts to garrison the Land of Mythical Beasts! Divine Dragon’s Mastery is only active when garrisoned.

Divine Dragon will be available during the 5th Anniversary celebrations early in June. Take part in the “Templars’ Glory” event to win FREE “Divine Dragon’s Soul” and “Divine Dragon’s Skillgem” for its development!

We’ve prepared more surprises and benefits for the 5th Anniversary celebrations. Stay tuned to our in-game Forum and Facebook page to get first-hand information about updates!


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