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Behind the scenes of ROK with Alyona FoX ! 🎬 1

Today we have an extra amazing interview from one of our wonderful players, Alyona FoX from K120.

Hi, my name is Alyona FoX, I’m from k120.

Today I will introduce you one of Great Girls of ROK. Босая🦋 from k119.

  1. Alyona FoX:

Hi 🌹 Tell me how long have you been playing ROK and k119)


K119 is the first and my single kingdom in ROK. We came here 2,5 years ago with a group of friends, since then we have been playing together, and of course we have found even more great friends here.

  1. Alyona FoX:

Why did such a wonderful girl choose a game of strategy?)


Good question)) it was a funny story, my husband installed the game on my phone, and then he regretted it, he said: “I did not expect you to turn out to be so gambling” 😂 I like the military strategy, I like to fight. And of course, trying to find the most effective, the most optimal way for a rapid development is sort of a puzzle, which makes it interesting.

  1. Alyona FoX:

In your kingdom, does everyone play as one team or are there complicated players who create confusion in the kingdom?)


That’s even a better question lol! I have promised you to be honest, huh?)) It was quite recklessly 😂🙈 in fact, if you ask this question to some of people from our kingdom, then you could be told that such a player is me lol😅 but of course it is not true, as I am an angel 😇 we have had various periods in the kingdom, many people have a different, their own view of the game, but nevertheless we play as one team, at least we try, constantly looking for mutual understanding. Sometimes it is not easy. But the main thing is that if people really want to hear and understand each other, then everything will work out.

  1. Alyona FoX:

Did you immediately come to a team game?)


Not at once .. our path was thorny. And maybe I’m a perfectionist, but we’re still in the middle of our way to excellence.

5.Alyona FoX:

What is the priority for your kingdom? FO, KVK or Overlord and why?


Our priority is KVK .. all other events in the game are a way to earn a bonus or advantage for fighting at KVK. One way or another, but even the most “farming” tasks in the game lead to the acquisition of a military advantage, no one collects resources simply for the love of resources, everything should lead to the final increase in combat skills and for the victory of the team in the KVK.

  1. Alyona FoX:

What’s your opinion about the merge of kingdoms, is it good or not?


This is a normal and logical phenomenon. For many kingdoms, this is the only way to continue playing. In addition, it seems cool to me when a successful and strong kingdom is suddenly merged out from several united ones. I watch them with interest in the KVK ranking table, it is clear that some of the associations turned out to be very perspective and will also make a name for themselves! This is great, because the game is interesting only as long as it has strong rivals, a victory over which would be a true pride.

  1. Alyona FoX:

What would you like to add or remove or optimize in the game?)


After the introduction of the new combat logic, there were so many new events that sometimes I want to pray to the developers: slow down, I don’t have time😅 but in reality it’s just a complement to them – they don’t let us get bored. I want to take a moment and ask to introduce a new female avatar with really red hair! I really miss this one 😂 seriously, I would like to add to the profile of the players: statistics, according to which it would be possible to understand more clearly the effectiveness of each player, may be it could be an internal information that is visible only to the R4s for example. It would also be great if KVK points were awarded to players only in case of victory. That is, if I accept a rally and lose it, then I don’t earn any points at all, only the winner gets points. Then people would play more consciously and would not take rallies which they know 100% they will lose. And gifts and ratings would only be received by players who play really well.

  1. Alyona FoX:

What prevents you from losing interest in the game for a long time?)


First of all, of course my friends … I am very happy, I was very lucky with the guys in our Alliance, I am surrounded by the most wonderful people. I want to say thanks for that! VNA, I LOVE YOU ❤ well, and as my husband said, I turned out to be very gambling, new quests – new perspectives!

  1. Alyona FoX:

Do you communicate with other players outside the game?


Well, yes, we communicate, we even communicate with those who quit the game for a long time. With many guys we became true friends, players from Viet Nam, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, USA and other countries – have already invited each other for a visit, I think we really have a very warm relationship within the team.

10.Alyona FoX:

Now tell us about yourself!) What is your name in real life, how old are you, where do you live?)


My name is Maria, everyone in the kingdom calls me Masha, this is short version for Maria in Russia. I live in Moscow, I am 18 years old! Just kidding)) not 18 of course, but there should be enough of frankness for today lol, something needs to be kept a secret 😂 I’m an economist, now I’m a cryptoeconomist, I like to travel and often do it, I love diving, I’m a divemaster.

  1. Alyona FoX:

If you want, you can add something from yourself!)

International Women’s Day is coming up soon, and I would like to congratulate all the ROK girls! In all kingdoms, girls, amazons, happy holiday! Let’s party together! Cheers to us!

What do you think of this share? Give your input in the comments below and remember to share this story with all your friends! What’s more, we’ll be picking the lucky Lords from those that comment and sending them each an awesome gift pack!

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