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Assist talent skills

There are 3 types of skill point talents that you can use: Battle, Development and Assist. Firstly, this guide works for you best if you kill daily minimum 200 monsters! I do not care how you do it, how long it takes you, but do this mandatory task!

The rewards are strengthening stones, reset stones, experience, resources, steel and many other random rewards. Without doing this mandatory task, you will gain slowly the much needed level ups. So get busy and kill those monsters! Professional tip: do not spend gems on buying experience from Auction House! Hunt monsters, do not be lazy; gems can be spent on other things.

With the level up upgrades that you will unlock you will be able to further unlock benefits for your castle and achieve a better and faster development of your account. Do not underestimate the power of development that this achievement will bring you! This has been my key to success for the past 8 months in k326.

The Assist talent tree is good for increasing:

  • hunting monsters marching speed (40%+160%) and damage against them (15%)
  • stamina regeneration (50%)
  • marching speed (20%+40%)
  • wounded capacity (25.000 and 45%), healing speed (20%) and decrease resources costs of healing (20%)
  • troop training speed (80%) and troop training amount (1.625)
  • trap making speed (45%), trap attack (5%) and trap damage (20%)
  • tower attack (20%) and tower attack speed (40%)

You have seen the photos; I have a level 59 account. I upgrade all the talents from the left side. I do not upgrade traps related point skills only very late in my build. They are a very low priority and should be used only very late in your build. With green are the mandatory points, with yellow are low priority.

The Assist talent tree has 4 active spells:

  • Second wind – generates 30 stamina, it can be stacked (ex. 100 full stamina + 30 active spell = 130 Stamina, the extra 30 Stamina is not lost, it is stacked and waits to be used later). It should be used daily in order to achieve 200 hunted monsters. It has a 4-hour cool down.
  • Craftsmanship – instantly adds 300 random traps of the highest level available (this depends on your Workshop building). It should be used daily in order to have a fully stacked Wall with traps. It has a 4-hour cool down.
  • Swift March – awards 200% monster marching speed for 60 Minutes. It should be used daily to quickly achieve the 200 Monsters achievement, it as an 8 hour cool down.
  • Serious Stamina – consumes all your Stamina, (max 100) and kills instantly 20 monsters. This should be used daily, at any time without skipping it. It has a 24 hour cool down.

When killing monsters it is important to note that Cavalry will march faster than any other unit will. If you use a full march of 170.000 t10 cavalry, it will give you more wounded soldiers. At superior levels and statistics, you will be able to kill a level 30 monster with only 23.

000 level 10 cavalry! Be aware that by decreasing your army size when attacking monsters, you can save a lot of resources and time to heal your wounded! Be smart, every resource counts!

The Assist talent tree is also useful when you want to train: infantry, cavalry, archers and war machine. They benefit from the troop training bonuses, which are:

  • Troop amount 125+600+900 = +1,625 extra soldiers
  • Troop training speed: 5%+30%+45% = +80% extra training speed

Storm Lords do not benefit from these bonuses.

The Elf Privileges are meant to bring you an edge on your competition. Across many months, level 8 benefits can be easily achieved by purchasing 30 day packages or small 1$ packages. I hope that you have unlocked Elf Privileges, depending on what level you have unlocked, they can grant you:

  • Bonus training speed, +20%
  • Bonus marching speed +20% and +20%
  • 100% hunting EXP
  • You do not have to spend 200 gems to switch from Battle-Development-Assist mode
  • Dead to wounded conversion +5%
  • Field hospital capacity +30.000

Assist mode is the perfect Talent mode to be used when you need many wounded, or practicing the ‘Double Hospitalization’ Technique. It’s the fastest way to upgrade your overall growth and mandatory to use it daily to it’s maximum potential.

Special thanks to Sunny! Go to victory, by Victor!


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