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Archer heros

Hey everyone!

Today’s subject is about archer heroes, recently there was a big movement made by the game to advertise archers more and support archer players with the release of new heroes, castle theme and other things, but see archers are a really special troop type, because they need infantry to work, more precisely shieldmen, while cavalry or war machines do not require this, but the fact that they need shieldmen opens the room for tweaks when it comes to hero pairing, so today we’ll learn more about that.

1 – linmaer, first and easiest hero that you will ever obtain lol, game practically gives you this hero for free if you login for 7 days after starting a new castle, linmaer might be useful at the start of the game, but even then I don’t think she will be able to compete with other heroes like rhinoch she will have a hard time and keep in mind that archers are meant to kill infantry.

Good to pair with – Mori istar, ogedmael for infantry HP, I won’t mention other heroes because if you have the other archer heroes you should not be using linmaer.

2 – Mori istar, Mori is a decentish archer hero but nothing crazy, he is fairly easy to obtain and you can max strengthen him too with not much effort, he has a special skill that makes archers led by him ignore 10% of the enemy’s infantry defense when attacking or defending a castle, so that makes him good on wall too.

Good to pair with – ogedmael, Eritra, the returned, rinin steelshaper, dolen sikil, tyranis, kanoa, jassan.

3 – the returned, this is a fresh brand new hero, I really like this hero she’s all around balanced and well built for archers after battle logic, she gives HP to shieldmen and increases archer attack and defense, and increases archers critical strike rate, in my opinion she’s better than Eritra just judging by her skill, but I have no reports with her to confirm this, the only issue is you might have probably guessed she is not obtainable at all for none spenders and not cheap to upgrade.

Good to pair with – Eritra, kanoa, tyranis, Mori istar, ogedmael, jassan, dolen sikil.

4 – Eritra, she is actually a free hero obtainable from optional gold hero chest III, and I like Eritra because of that and she’s also a really great pair with jassan I can’t stress that enough and both these heroes are free, Eritra gives archer attack, and has a special skill which is actually very complicated to read, but it basically increases your archers damage based on the enemy’s maximum HP, so it basically takes a % of the enemy’s HP for every 1000 archers in your dispatch and turns it into damage, I know, very complicated to read.

Good to pair with – tyranis, kanoa, jassan, the returned, Mori istar, dolen sikil.

5 – kanoa, a very strong archer hero, his skill is really simple, gives a ton of archer attack and archer damage, pretty much, and as you can guess, not easy to obtain, but you know what, he’s kind of obtainable from the deluxe optional gold hero chests that are obtained by total consumption event, and because his damage skill is locked meaning he gives the same amount of damage at level 1-120 it makes him good at low levels, I can see him being used at level 80 and 100, so just invest your good shards in him.

Good to pair with – tyranis, Eritra, the returned.

6 – tyranis, this is not only the strongest archer hero currently, but I might dare to say the strongest hero in the entire game currently, he increases shieldmen HP and gives archer attack along with archer defense, his special skill increases the damage of archers by 50% and can be triggered multiple times with no limit, and also he gives archers the opportunity to ignore the enemy’s infantry defense by a certain %, all in all, this is a super tier hero and makes archers very deadly.

Good to pair with – kanoa, Eritra, the returned.

That’s all I have for today thank you everyone.


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