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An introduction to hero bonds

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about hero bonds and all the important stuff about and within them, hero bonds are unlocked and upgraded through obtaining and leveling up heroes that are included in these hero bonds, it’s basically collections of heroes that gives buffs when these heroes are leveled up to the same level, for example hero bonds require heroes to be at these levels 40,60,80,100,120, for example if you have one hero at 80 while the other is at 100 you will only get the upgrade which requires both heroes to be at level 80.

1 – where to find hero bonds?

Follow the instructions in the picture below, from the user interface click on heroes, then click on hero bonds and there you will find hero bonds.

2 – another important thing about hero bonds as you will see later, hero bonds has a funny but strange thing about it, it basically forces you to upgrade heroes that are not meant for your main troop type for you to be able to get battle attributes for your main troop type.

3 – raven’s evermore bond, I want to start with the none battle heroes hero bonds first, this hero bond is fairly simple, it gives monster marching speed for upgrading two heroes to the same level (40 – 60 – 80 – 100 – 120) which is actually useful for monster hunting events and stages, the second attribute given by this hero bond is increase of stamina recovery speed by upgrading these three heroes to the levels mentioned earlier, I have never had an issue with stamina recovery speed but that’s probably due to the fact that I’m a lazy monster hunter so I don’t find it being exactly necessary.

4 – the harvest society hero bond, not sure what to say about this one, it’s a farming hero bond, good for farm castles, not much use on a main castle though, although decreased grain consumption and extra troop load sounds interesting so maybe this this is interesting for some people.

5 – the parliament hero bond, the first part of this hero bond which is research speed requires the upgrade of two of these three heroes to the same level and honestly you should already have daerus and Fausto 120 because they’re so good, the second part of this hero bond requires the upgrade all three of these heroes to the same level and it gives building speed.

6 – the night watch hero bond, this is a good hero bond which increases the amount of soldiers you can train at once and also increases troop training speed, and two of the three heroes in this hero bond are a must to have at 120, which are kahnta and arkadius, just get barichbran to 120 and grab that extra training speed.

7 – might and fury hero bond, this is a favorite hero bond for infantry players because it’s easy to obtain the infantry attack % you should already have rhinoch 120 as an infantry player and just grab Mori istar, for cavalry and archer buffs it’s going to be different, to grab cavalry defense you will need to upgrade three of these four heroes to the same level, for archer HP you will need to upgrade all four of them, although you don’t exactly need archer HP since you should be adjusting the current battle logic which requires the existence of shieldmen with archers.

8 – the unbeaten pact hero bond, this hero bond gives cavalry attack, archer defense, and infantry HP, same as the previous ones, upgrade two heroes for the first bonus which is cavalry attack, upgrade three heroes for the second buff which is archer defense, and four for infantry HP.

9 – wardens of nyria hero bond, same as the previously mentioned hero bonds, two heroes must be upgraded for the first buff which is archer attack, three heroes for infantry defense, and four for cavalry HP.

10 – the pride hero bond, this hero bond is the best for trap castles, it increases the HP and defense % during castle defense when two heroes are upgraded, and gives extra reinforcement capacity when three heroes are upgraded, this is a must for trap castles.

11 – retribution hero bond, this hero bond increases March speed when two of these three heroes are upgraded, and increases dispatch size when all three are upgraded.

And that’s all I have for today, I hope it was helpful and thanks.


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