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Adjustments to Tournament of Kingdoms Points

Elyanna has gone over all the feedback from Lords complaining about the stage difficulties in the Tournament of Kingdoms. In order to improve your gaming experience, we have adjusted the Point requirements for claiming Phase Reward Chests. Also, we have adjusted and optimized some of the stage rules.

Let’s take a closer look at these adjustments!

  1. Stage 2 [Building Upgrade] has been replaced with [Construction & Mythical Beasts]! We’ve even added some new ways to earn Points!

Now, consume Legendary Medals, Glorious Medals, and Military Codices to earn Points! (If you cancel upgrading a Legendary building, only half of the Legendary Medals and Glorious Medals consumed will be returned to you, and the Points earned towards the stage will be removed. Legendary Medals consumed as part of an exchange to Glorious Medals also don’t count for Points.)

Increase Mythical Beast Power to earn Points.

  1. New ways to earn Points in Stage 3 [Power Up]!

Consume any speedups to earn Points.

Increase Equipment Power to earn Points.

  1. Stage 4 [Technology Research] has been replaced with [Tech & Heroes], and new ways to earn Points have been added!

Consume Arcane Stones to earn Points. (If research is cancelled, only half of the Arcane Stones consumed will be returned to you and the Points earned will be deducted.)

Consume Gold Universal Shards to earn Points.

Consume Orange Universal Shards to earn Points.

  1. Points earned by occupying buildings in Stage 6 [Kingdom War] have been significantly increased, as well as the Conquering Colossus event.

We have also adjusted the coefficient of Points earned in each stage to 1. This means that the final Kingdom Points will be the sum of the Kingdom Points earned over the last 6 stages. The Kingdom with more Points wins!

That’s it for the adjustments to the Tournament of Kingdoms Points. After the adjustments, the event content will be more abundant and it will be easier to earn rewards. Happy gaming!


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