ROK Goddess Interview 3

This ROK Goddess Tournament made us realize that there are still so many beautiful female lords in the ROK world. Some of them are brave warriors, some of them are cute girls. And they make up a big part of this huge, huge family!

In order to thank the lords for their enthusiastic participation and support, we selected three goddesses from different countries, they are all from top ten voted lists, and interviewed them. Now let’s get more knowledege about third goddess.

Q: Welcome to the “ROK Goddess Interview”, I am the host Elyanna. And here is today’s guest.

A: Hello everyone, I ’m XXX NADI XXX from K164, I ’m honored to be invited to participate in this interview ~

Q: Hello, XXX NADI XXX! When did you start playing ROK?

A: It’s been a long time, probably 4 years, if I remember correctly. I found ROK when I was googling SLG games. In addition to ROK, I’m playing Days of Empire and Revenge of Sultans. They are all developed by ONEMT.

Q: What part of ROK do you like the most?

A: There is no doubt that KvK is the most appealing battlefield. I enjoy fighting alongside my friends, but I felt the most pride when I defeated enemies by myself. I prefer KvK to FOH, because there are still some things about FOH that need to be improved.

Q: Talk about the most impressive things in the game.

A: I like ROK because of its medieval settings. I’ve learnt different cultures and made friends with people from all over the world. I like to develop strategies to win battles.

Q: Did your allies help you a lot in this goddess tournament? Are there any people who you particularly want to thank?

A: We have a Line group to discuss not only in-game tactics, but also things encountered in life. I have friends in almost every Kingdom, and I want to thank them for supporting me and voting for me throughout this event, especially my friends from K10005: Molly, Mr Crazy, my Romanians, Devill and Bebsi.

Q: You have outstanding achievements in this event, what do you think are your strengths?

A: I’m a sincere friend. I’m not sure if there’s anything else. The result is a huge surprise for me. I didn’t even think I could make it to the Top 100. I wanna say thank you to all my friends for their support.

Q: Do you like this kind of event? Any suggestions for such events?

A: I think this event is very interesting. Maybe someday we will have an event for male players. How about that? And I think the voting rules could be optimized, like setting up the qualification for voters.

Q: Thank you so much for taking this interview. We’ll take a close look at your suggestions. Maybe someday we’ll come up with an event like you suggested.

That’s it for the Goddess Tournament interview.

Your discussions and suggestions are always welcome. We’ll choose a few Lords from the comments and send them each a gift.

Have fun!