ROK Goddess Interview 2

This ROK Goddess Tournament made us realize that there are still so many beautiful female lords in the ROK world. Some of them are brave warriors, some of them are cute girls. And they make up a big part of this huge, huge family!

In order to thank the lords for their enthusiastic participation and support, we selected three goddesses from different countries, they are all from top ten voted lists, and interviewed them. Now let’s get more knowledege about this second goddess.

Q: Welcome to the “ROK Goddess Interview”, I am the host Elyanna. And here is today’s guest.

A: Hello everyone, I ’m Aly Fox from K120, I ’m honored to be invited to participate in this interview ~

Q: Hello, Aly Fox! When did you start playing ROK?

A: I’ve been playing ROK since August 2017. I still remember how my friends and I all joined ROK from another game and how much fun we had.

Q: What part of ROK do you like the most?

A: My favorite battlefield is the Legendary Overlord War. I win some really amazing rewards really fast.

Though our kingdom was often assigned to a late night slot, we all stayed up and fought together! Lol, KvK is also a great event – we’ll fight all night if we need to!

Q: Talk about the most impressive things in the game.

A: I’ve made a ton of friends thanks to ROK. This is one of the main reasons I’ve been playing ROK for so long.

As for the game itself, the ROK team is doing a great job constantly improving the gaming experience. You’ll find big improvements over the 2017 versions and now. However, sometimes I think there are too many daily quests and events, and they can be complicated. But the rewards are always good!

Q: Did your allies help you a lot in this goddess tournament? Are there any people who you particularly want to thank?

A: Yes, of course! My fellows in K120 voted for me. I like them very much. And I want to say thank you to my friends (and enemies lol) from other Kingdoms!

Алекс from K84 called on many players from other Kingdoms to vote for me. I only found out because another player told me that everyone in his Kingdom voted for me.

I made a list of the Kingdoms and players who helped me. But unfortunately, I lost it. So I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the Kingdoms and players who supported me.

I made it to the Top 5, and that’s great, but if we are talking about rewards, I hope every voter will receive better rewards. This is not just about my glory. If not for their help and votes, I wouldn’t have accomplished so much! Thank you everyone! I love you guys!

Q: You have outstanding achievements in this event, what do you think are your strengths?

A: I think the most important thing is being cheerful and friendly. That’s how I made many friends over the past three years. They helped me, voted for me, and even asked their friends to vote for me. Thanks to the Goddess Tournament, I have more friends than ever!

Q: Do you like this kind of event? Any suggestions for such events?

A: I don’t think I will ever participate in such a competition again, because it really made me nervous. This competition is really appealing, and i enjoyed it a lot.

I hope that the voting rules will be optimized. For example, a device can have up to 10 votes. I wrote to you before to give this suggestion. In addition, I hope that the ROK team will pay more attention to the votes of the Top 10 girls and improve the rewards for everyone who makes it to that stage.

PS: Босая from K119, I miss you so much.

Q: Alright. Thanks for that. We’ll take a close look at your suggestions and work to optimize things so you have a great gaming experience. Thank you very much for taking the time to join us for this interview, and for your support of ROK!

This interview is over, let’s see you next time!