ROK Goddess Interview 1

This ROK Goddess Tournament made us realize that there are still so many beautiful female lords in the ROK world. Some of them are brave warriors, some of them are cute girls. And they make up a big part of this huge, huge family!

In order to thank the lords for their enthusiastic participation and support, we selected three goddesses from different countries, they are all from top ten voted lists, and interviewed them. Now let’s get more knowledege about this first goddess.

Q: Welcome to the “ROK Goddess Interview”, I am the host Elyanna. And here is today’s guest.

A: Hello everyone, I ’m N_Giàu ࿐ 86 from K247, I ’m honored to be invited to participate in this interview ~

Q: Hello, N_Giàu ࿐86! When did you start playing ROK?

A: I have been playing ROK for two years, about the time when K272 was open. Then I moved to K213, and then went to K247, now playing in K247 for a year.

I also played other strategy games before. I uninstalled them after a while because I got bored with them. Eventually, I downloaded ROK, as I accidentally saw the introduction on FB. Once I started playing it I found there is so much to dig into.

Q: What part of ROK do you like the most?

A: Overlord War and KVK, everyone unites and cooperates for one goal, using all kinds of strategies to win.

Q: Talk about the most impressive things in the game.

A: I didn’t understand anything when I first started playing. I woke up in the morning and found that I was attacked, so I could only watch carefully after that. Under the guidance of my allies, I gradually learned to apply tactics and improve combat effectiveness, and it was more fun afterwards.

Q: Did your allies help you a lot in this goddess tournament? Are there any people who you particularly want to thank?

A: I usually communicate with a few friends in Saigon, and occasionally I play KvK in the cafe. The people of our alliance have helped me a lot. Basically everyone voted for me. Thank you all, and I especially want to thank a person (don’t want to disclose his name) for encouraging me to participate in this goddess festival.

Q: You have outstanding achievements in this event, what do you think are your strengths?

A: The goddess of ROK does not have to be the god of war, but high combat power is always an advantage. I’m not very good at talking, but I fight well. I often exchange and share experiences with people in the alliance.

Q: Do you like this kind of event? Any suggestions for such events?

A: I like it! Thank you ROK for giving me the chance to become a goddess. It’s been recommended that there be requirements for the level of castles participating in the vote, by the way.

Q: Cool! We will forward your suggestions to the game designer; thank you for participating and cooperating with this interview, congratulations once again on winning the championship!

This interview is over, let’s see you next time!