La Sakura’s tea corner! 🍵

Hello everyone! I am La Sakura from K165. 🌸

And today I will be interviewing Skeeter. So let’s get right into it and find out what the tea is about 🍵

Hi Skeeter! Thank you for making time to participate in this interview 😃

Q1, La Sakura.

So my first question is.. why did you start working in the forum?

A1, Skeeter.

I did not choose the job. I worked as a custom service when I first got into the ONEMT. Like 2 months later, they told me Sean needed someone who can actually speak English to work with. Because I used to live in Australia so they chose me to be the person. At first I helped Sean with the Fanpage stuff, mostly the easy parts, like sending out rewards, replying to comments and such. Later they transfered both us to the department called BD. And they got Sean another partner, reassigned me the new job as running the forum. Long and boring story, anyway that’s why I got the job.

Q2, La Sakura.

Ah I see! Now I wonder how you feel about the fact that people call ROK a “pay to win” game?

A2, Skeeter.

I already told everyone my answer in that video. You see, it is your choice to spend or not. If you want to be a top player, yes, you gotta pay a bit. But if you only want to be a solid teammate, a good player who wanna have some fun, you do not have to spend at all. You only have to focus on developing your castle levels, troop levels, some basic stats, and most importantly, making frds. If anyone doesn’t know how to do it, check out our contributor everseen’s videos called [How I got C30 for FREE in 45 days! Beginners Guide to C30! Part 1 to 3] in the forum. And we always give players free trys for those events. And it is always nice to have some free stuff.

Q3, La Sakura.

It’s a very informative video ( make sure you check it out! ^-^ ). Do you agree there’s a big gap between spenders and non-spenders?

A3, Skeeter.

Alright, I do not think we should compare certain players to players. We all know that Bulls in 90s was kinda undefeated in NBA. But the Bulls is the Bulls not because they have the great Michael Jordan. It is because they have everyone in that team.

Is there a big gap between MJ and other players? Yes. But did they win because of the great MJ? No.

They won the championships because they have great teammates, great boss, great coach and great fans.

So it is nonsense to discuss if there is big gap between spenders and non-spenders.

You see what I am saying?

Yes, those spenders might be stronger, but no one can fight alone in ROK.

Even if you are the strongest, you can not win all the tournaments without those solid teammates.

The only thing that you should be considering is that how to become a member in the best team or how to decrease the gap between your team and those stronger teams.

Q4, La Sakura.

Great answer. There were rumors about GM’s playing in the Rise Of the Kings servers. Did you play ROK when you worked as a GM? If so, do you still play the game?

A4, Skeeter.

We are not allowed to play with you in the regular servers. But yes, I do play sometimes in the test server with other staff. Recently I was way toooo busy so I rarely played it. But I will definitely find my time to try the new Ruins of Titan. I heard it is insanely crazy.

Q5, La Sakura.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about ROK?

A5, Skeeter.

I think the biggest misconception would be that some people think we only care about spenders.

Come on, we do care about ALL players. If we only care about spenders, we would not have made those free events or given any free tries. Yo, 2 simple examples, think about the in-game monthly login event or the forum sign-in, you will see my point.

Q6, La Sakura.

Good examples. Are you planning to make more video’s?

A6, Skeeter.

Yes, for sure Sunny and I always wanted to make more videos and we’ve got some fun ideas about it. But right now we are dealing with some heavy amount of works, so.. Yes, if you want to see more videos from us, let us know in the comments. Sunny will check them over, WORD.

Q7, La Sakura.

Awesome! Why did you use a feminine avatar when you used to work as a GM?

A7, Skeeter.

Damnnnnnn you all remember that huh. To be honest, I chose a feminine avatar for my GM account since I think people would treat girl GMs better. Yo, if you used to work as GM you will see what I am saying. Some people just do not play nice in the tickets. You could not have imagined how many F word we receive from tickets every single day…

No shit, GM is not a easy work. So make sure you treat Evan better after you read this interview lmao.

And shout out to my girl Sakuraaa who came out with this interview-with-Skeeter idea. Make sure you show the fairy some love in the comments.

Haha thank you Skeeter! 🧚🏻‍♀️ I like your answers! And I will consider a truce with Evan 😉 is there anything you would like to say to the ROK community?


This is for the ROK community in the forum. to all the contributors and forum users. I still remember that at the time I took the job in 2019, they told me that this forum was called “ROK pornhub” lmao. And see what we got now, It did changed a lot after 1 year’s hard work! You have made an indelible contribution to the development of the forum.

Thank you, from bottom of my heart. It is all your efforts that made us a home.

A home for the ROK family.

A question for the public 🍵 : What’re you thankful for?