Interview with K32 – A Kingdom on a Winning Streak

Reporter: KLC Season 2 is over, and what a fierce and exciting season it was! Congratulations on your 10 consecutive wins! Some other Lords have started believing that K32 is unstoppable and can’t be defeated. As the king of K32, who do you think was the opponent that caused you the most concern?

King of K32: I’ve always believed that kingdoms are their own worst enemy. In fact, K32 is probably not the strongest kingdom out there, but I allow my members to present a variety of different opinions, because I don’t see this diversity as a weakness or something that will make the kingdom unstable. Kings should listen to the opinions and feedback of the players they rule. That’s how we improve ourselves and achieve so much together. If we had a weakness, we’d come up with a plan to counter it. But if the ranking becomes your only goal in the KvK, you will only focus on your points, and become blind to whether you are fighting an enemy or an ally.

Reporter: The help you received from your allies must be an indispensable part of your achievements. What would you like to say to your allies?

King of K32: I want to thank them for their support. There was a time when the morale of our Kingdom was dropping, and it was with their help and support that myself and the rest of the kingdom were able to pull out of the depression. Thanks to my allies, I have the motivation to win every battle. We wouldn’t have today’s the glory without them.

Reporter: What do you think is the primary reason your Kingdom has been able to stay undefeated?

King of K32: We are united, with all players following my lead to work hard together. They don’t even complain when we were behind. My kingdom stays united, organized, and focused with clear duties for everyone. That’s why we are unstoppable.

The ROK team