Why should you train Level 1 Troop?

Today we got an extra amazing guide from K10005 Aʟᴇx Hᴜɴᴛᴇʀ. Let’s check it out!

Looking at the title, you may find it a bit strange, just because on fighting opponents using level 1 troops. Hence, for this guide, I will give you the advantages that level 1 troop offers.

  1. Fill the hospital with Level 1 troop before Throne War , Overlord and Kingdom War

Have a look at the 2 pictures below and you will notice a huge difference. With the hospital full of level 1 troops only costs a few million resources to heal them all. And full level 11 troops spend hundreds of millions of resources to heal it. In addition, the amount of speed need to heal also costs a lot.

Recommendation: only do this if you have a lot of high level troops, and always want to save resources and speed up healing.

  1. Add level 1 troop to your dispatch kill monsters when the hospital is full

Many players want to take advantage at the Overlord to fill the hospital with the highest level soldiers, in order to prepare well for the period of power increase a few days later. The advantage is that inside the Overlord, the number of wounded soldiers will be increased by 50%, which can make the number of beds in the hospital quite high. And it will be quite beneficial during the period of increasing power.

But the succeeding day after the Overlord will be Gathering Resources and Killing Monsters stage, so how to kill monsters while the hospital is full? The solution is to fight low-level monsters or simply add a few lv.1 troop to your dispatch, that number of level 1 troop will die instead of your high-level troops.

  1. Use T1 Troop to Duel enemy castle for their statistics

Troops who die in a duel will leave forever and cannot be revived, so it would be a waste to have a dead 40k to 50k troops T11 or T12 for the duel. I strongly suggest to use level 1 troop for the sole purpose of getting statistics of enemy before opening a castle rally.

However, do not just use one troop type , use different types to know what kind of troops the enemy plays, and gives you a reasonable attack plan.

Abovementioned reasons are the answers from the questions of my friends and even enemies, when they scout my castle and wondered why there are so many T1 soldiers. Wish you all a happy gaming.