Tips and Tricks for Building Banners in Titans

Today we got an extra amazing guide from K247 Sim. Let’s check it out!

Hey everyone, today we will be taking a look at some tips and tricks for quickly and efficiently building banners during Titans! We will be focusing on two main aspects: the cost of building banners, and the amount of time it takes to build banners.

Upon entering Titans map, your coalition starts with 50 banners to build out. This value can be increased to a max of 500 banners by doing the following Coalition Research: (Territory) Coalition Banners I and (Territory) Coalition Banners II.

To see how many banners your coalition has built out of total current maximum banners that available to build: Coalition BuildingsàCoalition Banner


Initially, when you enter Titans, it costs 2000 Golden Obsidian to build each banner. However, this cost can be decreased by doing the following research:(Territory) Construction Cost

This research decreases the cost of building a banner up to a maximum of 20%, causing your banners to cost 1600 Golden Obsidian when this research is maxed.

Your coalition is also able to reclaim banners that have already been placed. When you pick up that banner, 20% of the cost gets refunded to you. For example, if building a banner costs 2000 Golden Obsidian, your coalition will receive 400 Golden Obsidian back into your Warehouse.

Note: When you reclaim a banner, unlike home kingdom, in Titans, your coalition will be required to rebuild it from scratch.


Being able to quickly build your coalition banners can hugely impact your battle ability when fighting for the various Sanctuaries against other Battle Groups. When building banners, it is important that the Construction Speed Buff (see image below) reads as 300%. It is also important that you have maximum troops (2.5 million) inside as this will also impact how quickly the banner will be built.

In order to reach this number, multiple coalition members need to have their Titan Master Skill Tree set to Assist with points in the following: Expert Contractor I (Requires 50 Master Points for 40% Buff) and Expert Contractor II (Requires 190 Master Points for 120% Buff)

Total Individual Buff with Titan Master Skill: 160%

Your coalition can also complete the following Research to speed up the building process: (Territory) Coalition Construction I and (Territory) Coalition Construction II

Total Individual Buff with Titan Master Skill and Coalition Research: 210%

With this, now you and your coalition know how to quickly and effectively build banners!

Best of luck to all the teams in Titans and may the best battle group win! Till next time