Alliance Cannon: The great effects that you might want to know

Today we got an extra amazing guide from K10005 Aʟᴇx Hᴜɴᴛᴇʀ. Let’s check it out!

Most alliance leaders always consider that the Alliance Cannon as a place to shoot away obnoxious targets inside or near their alliance territory, or simply as a place to load bombs, as it gives a lot of alliance points.

As for me, I especially like Alliance Cannon in two specific cases: When there is a Civil War in the Home Kingdom and an ongoing Kingdom War. What makes it special and you will love its purpose. Hang on, because we will review each of the cases below through continuous questions, answers, and criticism!

  1. Civil War(Home Kingdom)

Any Kingdom experiencing Civil War can understand the purpose of Alliance Cannon. It increases the combat experience of players, and they will know when to protect their castles from attacks of the enemy alliance.

Q: What is the use of Alliance Cannon during Civil War?

A: If there is a member of your Alliance that is a target of the enemy, but he is offline during the time the rally was held. What we are going to do is temporarily kick him out of the alliance, use Alliance Cannon to shoot his castle away from the territory. Then contact the player immediately as his castle is still vulnerable for attacks.

Q: What if the affected member is not in alliance territory or not close (outside of cannon range)?

A: There is still a way, if your R5 is online, he can reclaim the Alliance Ministry and the cannon closer to his castle, then kick him out of the alliance and shoot with the cannon.

Q: What about the if the R5 is also not online?

A: Of course you also have allies. Take advantage of it. Move the cannon to the edge of the target castle and shoot it while waiting for your friend to come online.

Q: What if the target castle is in the territory of another alliance and I don’t have any control?

A: This is probably the most frustrating situation, I believe the solution won’t be the use of cannon anymore. Call the members of the alliance to reinforce him as much as possible to reduce damage from incoming rally.

Q: It seems if the target castle in the mud also has no solution?

A: Actually, both of the above situations can still use the Cannon, if the Rally Leader is gathering your friend’s castle outside their territory, you can move the Alliance Ministry and the Alliance Cannon near the Rally Leader and use the cannon to shoot him, it only has the effect of prolonging the time to get in touch with your alliance member. It is still advisable to reinforce them with right troop type to minimize damage in this case.

  1. Kingdom War(KvK)

Leaders always recommend that their members fully load the Alliance Cannons before Kingdom War(KVK). The goal is that when the Enemy Kingdom captures the palace at home kingdom, it will find a target to fire with cannons to reduce the number of soldiers currently in the palace, and increase your chance of winning when attacking on the throne.

Q: So how can I avoid getting shot by Alliance Cannon while taking over the Enemy Kingdom Palace?

A: Stay inside the mud area, they cannot place cannons or alliance territories inside the mud.

Q: I see several kingdoms were they mobilize small castles to fill up and land all over the mud land to avoid the entry of the enemy?

A: Honestly, that way is also very effective. Hence, there is still a place for you which is Mighty City area, gather your castles there,and they won’t be able to put an Alliance Cannon to shoot you .

Always remember to load the bomb for the Alliance Cannon(donate using gems), because there will be a time when you need it in scenarios during kingdom War(KvK) and Civil War