New Kingdom Opening

The raging flames and the smell of gunpowder can only mean one thing – a mysterious force has awakened! A new Kingdom, K530, will make a grand entrance into Nyria on 2021/09/17 at 07:00 (UTC0), offering a variety of exciting events with lots of amazing rewards!

New Kingdom Events

Event 1 [Rising Lord] – Recommendation ★★★★★ Get accustomed to the primary gameplay features and make steady progress!

The event lasts for 7 days. Complete a series of gameplay targets to claim tons of rewards for FREE! Hero Shards, equipment materials, resources, and speedups will help you develop at the speed of light!

Event 2 [7-Day Sign-in: Tonttu] – Recommendation ★★★★★ Research tech to get ahead of the pack!

During this 10-day event, sign in for a total of 7 days to recruit Tonttu, an Orange Hero essential for tech research, and earn enough Shards to upgrade him to 3 Stars right away!

Event 3 [Castle Upgrade Bonuses] – Recommendation ★★★★★ Upgrade your Castle to win heaps of rewards!

This event is not to be missed! During the event, upgrade your Castle to the required level to claim tons of speedups, resources, and Legendary Medals!

Event 4 [Recharge to Win] – Recommendation ★★★★★ Make your first recharge now and get a step ahead of the competition!

During the event, recharge any amount to unlock the powerful Gold Hero, Rutenia, while earning enough Shards to upgrade her to 3 Stars! This amazing deal is the best way to boost your power early on!

Event 5 [New Kings Rising] – Recommendation ★★★★★ A fleeting opportunity to earn an eternal decoration!

This event is the real deal! Kill monsters, make wishes, and purchase event packs to upgrade your event level. After reaching the set level, you’ll earn the eternal Glorious Castle Theme, essential during troop training and monster hunts!