How to get Titan Waters

Today we have an extra special guide from one of our wonderful players, ArijaKnighter, who hails from K209. So it’s time for us to butt out and let ArijaKnighter do the talking!

Welcome back to the Round Table ROK family! Today, we are going to discuss on how to get those highly craved Titan Phoenix Waters, also known as yellow or gold waters. So sit back, grab some tea and let’s discuss.

First, plan your month! Know your events and what is going on. A Ruin of Titan calendar is available every season in our forums. Save it and know what is ahead of you.

Rebuild Battle Group Event

Week 1 and Week 3 under Ruin of Titan calendar will be a Rebuild Battle Group event. During this event, complete quests to gain personal rewards worth 20 Titan waters total. Not to mention the gold & orange universals, Gadom the Razer shards, Glorious Medals, plus tons of speeds & resources. Be sure to buy your extra chances DAILY with gems. Every bit adds up!

Expedition to the Unknown

Week 2 and 4 under Ruin of Titan calendar is Expedition to the Unknown, styled very much like events from Tournament of Kingdoms but with small differences. Every day is broken down into different competitions, if you max out each comp you are guaranteed 25 titan waters per week just through personal rewards.

Phase 1: Slay Monster and Resources Collection

Phase 2: Castle Development

Phase 3: Hero Development

Phase 4: Research Technology

Phase 5: Train Soldiers

Phase 6: General Development (runs concurrent with Kill the Enemy Day and easily forgotten to finish)

Note that Day 3 of Hero Development is extremely different from our Tournament of Kingdoms Power Up competition. The FAQ has an incredible breakdown. Here it is below for fast reference.

Kill the Enemy Day Event

Every week, the cross battlefield kill event will be 24 hours long on Saturday. A time to rally up, kill troops and burn down everyone! During this event you can receive 50 (10 each in the first 3 personal rewards chests and 20 in the final chest) Titan waters for completing all Personal Rewards chests. KE day can be tough on a little in ROT. So be sure to remember to ask for reinforcements, man your walls, pop buffs, switch your artifact and be in battle mode.

The Exchange

The exchange is open after every kill event for 48 hours within the Tree of Life interface. Remember that non-Expedition to the Unknown Weeks, also known as Rebuild Battle group week, will be rough on your water supply. Do not forget to keep up with the Battle badge event, it offers more pink waters for exchange as well. You can gain a total of 150 Titan waters weekly through the exchange. Here is the breakdown:

  • Exchange 4 Throne War Phoenix Water for 1 Titan Phoenix Water. You can exchange up to 40
  • Exchange 2 Kingdom War Phoenix Water for 1 Titan Phoenix Water. You can exchange up to 50
  • Exchange 2 Overlord Phoenix Water for 1 Titan Phoenix Water. You can exchange up to 60

Titan Privileges

Titan Privileges reset every week and the quests are extremely easy to finish as they are composed mostly of your daily tasks. The event starts after your first few days inside Titans battlefield and after your first kill event. Complete the Basic Rewards to level 25 each week to receive 25 Titan Phoenix Waters (5 at level 5, 5 at level 15, 5 at level 20 and 10 at level 25).

Ashen Path, Warplay and Dailies

This are very important and make sure to finish your daily tasks and run Ashen Path. Take a minimum of 4 pink waters a day in Ashen Path PLUS your daily tasks will give you at least 35 pink waters a week to exchange. If you choose to use Throne waters that is at least 7 through daily tasks a week that you can exchange (blue waters are rare in Ashen Path and have a high exchange rate). Do not forget to do Warplay as well, this offers more pink & blue waters to exchange out.

Alright ROK family here ends our Titan water guide for now! It takes a little patience and planning but anyone can gain these highly treasured waters. As events evolve, I will continue to update you all with new guidelines for obtaining Phoenix Waters in future guides. Always remember that each water counts no matter the number. Good luck, happy hunting and burn on ROK family!