Deaath Match

Today we got an extra amazing guide from K10005 Aʟᴇx Hᴜɴᴛᴇʀ. Let’s check it out!

The main content of this post is to take an overview at this new event Death Match, how it works, and most especially is to share tips for you to gain advantage in battles.

  1. Introduction

Q: What’s new about this event?

A: This event aims to bring the players to test their strategy against Lords from other Kingdoms. And it’s free, you do not lose troops when you fight against opponents.

Q:Who can join?

A: All Lords who have castle level 16 above and your kingdom has been opened for 21 days or longer

Q:How do I join?

A: If you reach the 2 preliminary requirements, this event will open from Monday to Saturday each week, you can join by clicking the Death Match option at the Elvish Gardens.

Q: Are there separate levels for each castle level? because it would be so unfair to the new kingdoms when they don’t have troop Lv. 11 or 12?

A: Yes of course, there are 5 levels depending on the levels of your castle.

Q: I entered but still can’t challenge the opponents?

A: You need to set up formations before challenging the opponents: Each Lord can set up 2 formations: Attack formations and Defense formations, each formation is made up of 3 Teams.

Q: I have used a Call To Arms, why my dispatch still small?

A: The minimum troops dispatched are affected by different battlefields, If your current dispatch size is less than the minimum dispatch size for the battlefield, you’ll use the battlefield dispatch size. Conversely, if your dispatch size is larger – use your actual dispatch size.

Q: I don’t have T11 or T12 yet so can I be weak against my opponents?

A: The system provides troops for all Lords to use as they like without worry. The higher the Castle level, the higher the level of the soldiers. Troops inside the Death Match won’t be affected by a Lord’s Building level.

That means you only need to reach Legendary castle 3 to unlock all Level 11 troops, although not necessarily all troop buildings built to legendary level 3. Same, if castle you only need to reach Legendary 6 to unlock troop Level 12.

Q: I only can challenge 10 times a day?

A: There are 10 free Challenge Chances each day, Consume Gems to buy extra chances. The daily limit for challenges are 20 times a day.

  1. The Trick

Q: Everything seems clear, I have been fighting for a few days and the results are quite good, however, the higher I go, the higher I rank, I often get challenged by the opponent and fall down pretty quickly. Are there any solutions or tips to maintain rankings?

A: Do you need to check if you are in battle mode yet? Do the attack and defensive formations have a full combination of spearmen and shield troops?

Q: Is there any way to increase the winning rate?

A: This event applies a 3-match win-2-match mechanism. So we only need to win 2 matches to win the match, if you are not really as strong as the boss, choose an equal or lower opponent.

I see a fairly reasonable strategy that many people have recognized and applied quite successfully in challenging equal or stronger opponents: Use your strongest formation against your opponent’s medium team. , Use your medium formation against your opponent’s weakest formation, and use your weakest formation against your opponent’s strongest formation.

So we are almost certain to win the first 2 matches and lose the 3rd match but still win the whole game.

Q: How do I know the enemy’s formation?

A: Before pressing the challenge button, click the 2-way arrow button in the lower right corner to see 3 enemy defense formations

See an example below:

After clicking on the opponent’s composition, we see that they have arranged 3 defensive formations from strong to weak, so we ignore their strongest lineup, by having the weakest formation play against the team strongest. Then use our strongest formation against their medium formation and our medium formation against their weakest formation.

Q: So if the opponent does not arrange the defense from strong to weak, how to apply this method?

A: After clicking to see the opponent’s lineup, we can also drag and drop to adjust the order of the formations, then save before pressing the challenge.

Q: So the challenger always has the advantage?

A: Of course, when we know the opponent’s formation in advance, we have almost 50% chance to win, the remaining 50% is due to stats, the ratio of shield troops, spear troop, the size of dispatch.

Q: So how to defend well? after every night waking up looking at the history I see a lot of failure reports. How to minimize failure when the opponent knows the same tactics as us?

A: Of course nothing is perfect unless you are a very strong boss who will not worry about failure in duels. But the number of bosses is only a very small number, there are still opportunities for good and medium players.

The solution to defense is to Set defensive formation 1 as the weakest formation, defensive formation 2 as the strongest formation, defensive formation 3 as medium formation.

Q: Why is it necessary to put it like that when defending?

A: We do this for two purposes: 1. The habit of the majority of always setting the formation from the strongest to the weaker.

  1. When we put the weakest squad on top, the power index will be low, it will be a good bait for the majority to always choose an opponent of equal power or weaker.

Everything I share above are the tricks for this exciting new event. It is quite long, however, there are only 2 things you need to focus: the main purpose of the event is where you can test your lineup, strategy for other bigger events like Overlord, Titan, or Kvk. The second is to always know how to ignore the small things towards the big, the global.

If there are any questions do not hesitate to comment below, I will try to answer. Wish you all to have fun playing the game