Deaath Match Part2

Today we got an extra amazing guide from K247 Sim. Let’s check it out!

Hey everyone! Today we will be talking about one of ROK’s newest event, Death Match. This is a fun way to challenge people all across ROK regardless of kingdom origin! So, if you have someone you want to get revenge on or have a friend in a different kingdom you want to challenge, this is a great way for you to do so!

Some preliminary information before we dive into the specifics:

-The event does not cause physical wounded troops when you play

-Seasons run on a weekly basis

-Groupings are based on your level of castle for fair play and broken up as follows:

o Baron Battlefield: Level 16 – 21 Castles

o Count Battlefield: Level 22 – 29 Castles

o Marquis Battlefield: Level 30 – Legendary 2 Castles

o Duke Battlefield: Legendary 3 – Legendary 5 Castles

o Royal Battlefield: Legendary 6 Castles

Death Match can be found in the same place where you go for Dragon Challenge, the Elvish Gardens.

When you enter the event system there are many things you will see. Firstly, you see your current ranking, and people you are currently able to challenge.

You get up to 20 challenges per day, 10 are free, the rest need to be bought with gems, as can be seen in the bottom left corner. There is also a cool down time on how quickly you can challenge the next person.

Next to that, we have formation. This is where you can set and make changes to your attack and defense formation with ease. You need to have all three attack and defense slots with formations in order for you to start making challenges! Once you have a formation set you can even change the order in which your attack or defense is set by clicking on the adjust button at the bottom.

Note: You are unable to use a hero more than once in your attack and defense formations. You are able to use the same hero across the attack and defense formations. For example, if you are using Gideon, you can use him in your attack and defense formation, but you are not able to repeat him more than once in each section.

Records list all the challenges and the results of the challenges that you were involved in while online or offline.

Rewards are broken down into 3 tiers. Daily, Seasonal, and Lifetime. Daily rewards are rewards you can claim everyday just for participating and winning challenges. Season rewards are your weekly rewards, which are based on your finishing rank. Lifetime rewards are rewards that would be accumulated over multiple seasons, as you part take in more and more challenges.

If you do not see a target you want to hit, you can simply hit the refresh button that is in the bottom right corner. However, the more refreshes you do, the more gems it will cost, up to 5 refreshes per day.

Now for the fun part, the Challenges! When you click on a player to challenge, there is various information you can look at before you decide to attack them. Firstly, you can see your first attack formation and their first defensive formation. If you click on the magnifying glass, you can see the exact troop composition of the primary formation.

You can also view their entire defensive formation by clicking on the double arrows in the bottom right corner. Within this view, not only can you see their defensive formation, but you also have the ability to reorder your attack formation for this specific challenge by dragging and dropping it over the attack formation you want to trade places with.

In order to win the overall challenge, you have to win majority of the mini attacks that occur with the attack/defensive formations. That means, you need to win at least 2 of the 3 matches to move up in rank.

Do you have what it takes to get to the top? Good luck to everyone out there!