The Vein Of Two Hearts

Today is Qixi.Qixi is a Chinese traditional festival, known colloquially as Chinese Valentine’s Day.This traditional festival celebrates the love between a weaver and and ox herder, who were allowed to meet only once a year on this day.

In this festival, let’s welcome a romantic and lovely story from αcιdιc ɾαιɳ.

The Prince of Aruitus was on a hunting expenditure in a jungle and to make it more challenging he wasn’t accompanied by any of his soldiers and servants. He was too brave , charming , and handsome personality in the Kingdom.

During the expenditure he found a deer with beautiful skin and ran behind him on his horse. Suddenly the deer took a turn and king fell from a cliff along with his horse.

When he woke up he saw that he was in a wooden hut and he had bandages on his injuries but he was not able to see anyone nearby. He went out of the hut and saw that his horse was also there who was grazing grass.

The prince was curious to know that who helped him in that secluded Jungle. He roamed around a little to see if anyone was nearby and after walking a little , he saw a bridge where a beautiful lady was sitting and humming a song. She had a deep beautiful voice and attractive looks. The Prince was impressed by just looking at her for the first time.

The prince said to the lady,

“Hey lady , are you the person who helped me and my horse when we were injured?”

The lady stopped humming and looked at Prince with a charming smile on her face and then she said,

“ Yes mister , you and your horse were lying fainted near the riverside and I took you both to my hut and applied some natural medicines for the cure”

Prince said ,

“Well thank you so much for the help , I am the Prince of Arutitus and for your help I want to give you whatever you demand.”

The lady laughed a little and ran away without saying a single word.

Prince on the other hand waited for her on that bridge for hours and hours and when he saw that she wasn’t coming then he left with his horse to his kingdom.

After coming back to kingdom , days and days went off but he cannot forget that lady and her kindness and attractive nature. And finally he decided to go back in that hut.

The very next day , Prince left for the woods on his horse and when he reached there he didn’t found anyone in the hut . But he knew that where the lady could be.

He ran to the Bridge and she was there only , same charm , same attraction and that beautiful deep tone of humming.

Prince said ,

“Hey beautiful lady , I know we just met once and that also for a very short period of time but trust me , I never saw anyone more beautiful and charming than you ever. Your kindness and your attraction is what separates you from other girls.”

He continued,

“Would you like to Marry me and become my princess?”

The lady said in reply ,

“ Yes my majesty , it is an honour for me that a Prince loves me”

On that day the most peaceful and Romantic place for both of them was that bridge , The Bridge of Love , “The Vein of Two Hearts”.