The FAEL Waste Chapter 8

Here comes the fresh Chapter 27 of the story [The FAEL WASTE] from Darth2018. Let’s see together what happens.

Moira shoved the wizard aside, drawing her sword as she rushed toward the crystal wall of the cell.

Gwyddan staggered to keep from toppling over. “No, woman! Stop!”

Dolen whirled to the sound of the wizard’s cry, then he leapt forward to close on the redheaded warrior as she drew back her blade preparing to smash open the cell. Allura, seeing what her friend intended and the reactions of the wizard and Dolen, shouted “Moira, don’t do it!”


A strong voice echoed through the chamber from the dark. The entire company stood frozen in place, unable to move. Moira’s body trembled with strain, her every muscle already released into the motion of the blow she intended to strike now restrained by a force she couldn’t see. Dolen stood reaching for the woman. Gwyddian was transfixed, his staff raised before him as if to cast a spell. The rest of the company were likewise paralyzed by a force they couldn’t resist. Terror grew within the breast of the Njai general and she wanted to scream but she couldn’t utter a sound. Footsteps echoed behind the company and Dolen knew there was more than one person approaching them.


Kheb bit his lips to keep from speaking as the dragon, carefully cutting and probing him with that razor-tipped talon, gently purred in his ear to tell him about the secrets of the Marsh.

“Come, little one,’ the demon cooed softly, “why do you make me do this? It was your folk who abandoned you! They left you to be the sacrifice to my just anger, to pay atonement for their crimes, invading my realm without my permission, stealing the bounty of my land without recompence or thanks!” Angcaldroc prodded the writhing Njai, jiggling the tip of the talon a bit deeper. “Come, little brave one! You have proven your worth! Tell me what I want to know and I will…”

Angcaldroc suddenly reared up with a sharp snort, twisting around to glare up the broad stairway ascending into the gloomy upper regions of the devastated city. “Magic? Here, in my house?” Kheb struggled to escape the talon holding him. The dragon turned back to freeze the captive with a fierce stare. “So…I have more uninvited guest in my halls? Friends of yours?”

The huge wedge-shaped head leaned down before the cringing prisoner. “Remember what I told you, little one! You cannot escape this place. You have done well so far. Don’t disappoint me now with foolishness!” With that, the colossal monster released the terrified captive, whirled its bulk around and scrambled upward, his low rumblings and growls echoing through the many-columned, shadow-draped Great Hall.


“Now let’s all be reasonable here.”

It was a pleasant voice, steady and calm. There was no trace of malice or triumph at having constrained them so. “I will release you all now, but remember, I can do this again if you make me! Dolen Skil, you will be first. Please move to restrain that woman’s blow, for she won’t be able to and we don’t want that blade to strike.” The stranger’s tone changed. “Dolen! Ekla! Shethil Ihro” Dolen! Be free! Hold her to you!

The armored elf staggered as his body, still in the moment of movement when he was stilled, suddenly regained control! He stood straight and looked back to behold the strangers who had appeared. A tall robed figure in a shimmering robe that shifted colors as the cloth rippled watched him. Behind the man, a giant loomed and Dolen was shocked to realize he recognized the man.

“Greetings, Rhinoch!” Dolen said as he stepped next to Moira’s paralyzed figure and grasped her sword arm with his right hand while wrapping his left arm around her midriff. He looked over his shoulder to the robed stranger. “Alright! I have her.”

The stranger raised his right hand and waved toward them. “Judder NarI! Ekla! ” You all! Be free! Stand still!

Moira fell into Dolen’s arms as she was released, her sword striking the floor as she regained her balance. The redheaded woman shook her sword at the stranger but Dolen murmured something to her and she sheathed the weapon, glaring at the elf as she did.

The wizard, for Dolen was certain now of what he was, raised both arms and gave a wave. Another incantation released the rest of the company. Everyone turned to confront these newcomers. Lunalyn gave a squeal of joy! “Rhinoch!” She rushed over to leap into his embrace and the two forgot about everyone as they hugged.

Eritra stood quivering, her eyes red with rage, nocking two arrows to both her bows. Dolen saw and reached out a hand but the robed stranger stepped away to face the angry Njai directly.

Allura and Moira shifted positions toward the Njai. The blonde gripped her bow hanging from her shoulder but did not pull it into her grip. Moira flipped her cloak over her shoulder, clearing her right arm in case she needed to draw her sword again.

The stranger bowed deeply in greeting to Eritra.

“Hail, Duchess of the Fearful Deep! I apologize for my uncouth handling of you and your company. I meant no harm or insult to your majesty, only wishing to prevent a greater calamity.”

Eritra stood erect now and all could see she was ready to avenge herself. Dolen spoke softly. “My Lady, ease back your wrath, if you will. There has been no harm here and no need for retribution.”

The Njai turned her furious gaze to the elf, then relaxed and began a gentle swaying as her ire ebbed. She looked back to the robed figure. “You know me, stranger, but I don’t recall meeting you? Do us all the courtesy at least showing yourself!”

The stranger nodded slowly and pulled the deep overhanging hood of his robe back to reveal a long pale face. Silver hair swept back over a high brow, bound in back by a silver band. Steeply arched brows shaded gleaming slanted golden eyes. A narrow straight nose above lips that were pursed in a sardonic grin that softened the strong chin.

Dolen noted a chain-mail corset that had the same color-shifting appearance beneath the long cloak. A hilt peeked out from the man’s left side, although the elf had not seen a sword. A dagger perhaps. He’d have to watch the stranger carefully. The golden eyes gleamed in the light from the elder wizard’s staff as he looked at Gwyddian, who took a step back in shock.

“Mori Istar!”

The company froze at the name. All had heard the tales of the dangerous renegade elven wizard. Ally of the Dark Elves. An adept of dark magic. The implacable foe of the Light. The Enemy!