Story|The FAEL Waste- Chapter 6

Here comes the fresh Chapter 25 of the story [The FEAL WASTE] from Darth2018. Let’s see together what happens.

“The rest of you wait here.’ Dolen muttered. “And don’t go wandering off!”

A hand fell on his shoulder. “Wait, elf,” Allura breathed, “you don’t know what is lighting the end of this passage!” Her hand was trembling slightly but the blonde swordswoman steeled herself. “You might wander out in front of a sleeping dragon! Who knows what trouble you may cause? Someone should go with you.”

Eritra hissed angrily from the darkened passage. “Move aside, all of you! I’ll go. I will make no more noise than a gentle wind over rocks.”

“No!” Greythywst objected. “Lady Allura is right. We will all go together, rather than have a handful of terrified mates cowering here in the dark. We shall move slowly. Everyone grab hold of the shoulder of the person in front of you.” No one objected and the elder wizard continued. “Dolen! Softly now, my friend.”

The company shuffled forward, careful to stay in the middle of the passage. The distant glimmer grew stronger and Lunalyn swore she heard her heart pounding in fear in her chest. A faint reflection gleamed on the rim of Dolen’s helmet as he reached the far opening. Slowly, the company emerged into a chamber faintly lit by a radiance on their right. Dolen peered intently, then breathed out gently “There’s a glass wall here.” He stepped closer and, removing the gauntlet off his right hand, ran his fingers over the surface. “No! Not glass. Crystal, I think! Greythywst, come here.”

The wizard eased forward. As his eyes adjusted to the dim glow from the right, more details began to emerge from the gloom-shrouding shadows. Reaching out, his fingertips played lightly over the wall surface. “Yes,’ he said softly, “it is crystal! I’ve never seen the like.” The rest of the party gathered around the two elves, fascinated by the now visible embers on the far side of the crystal walled chamber.

“What is that?” Lunalyn asked quietly. The smoldering embers drew everyone’s attention. Moira, leaning forward, softly tapped the crystal with her knuckles. The embers dimmed slightly and they saw movement. “The dragon!” Moira sobbed quietly; certain she had killed them all.

The chamber went blindingly white! The crystal cell filled with whitish orange flame, blazing furiously in every direction! Something was moving in that inferno! Moving toward them! Frozen in fear, the party stood staring. Then Greythywst cried!


Withing the swirling red-orange flames, they saw a figure like a woman striding toward them, wrapped in roiling coils of incandescent blazes. Unaffected by the conflagration, the figure stopped just short of the crystalline barrier of the cell, looking at them with open curiosity. At first, they all thought she was naked, somehow living despite the fires billowing all around her but then they saw she was clothed in a tight-fitting garment.

Rin stared admiringly at her now, a grin on his blunt features. “Well, at least she’s nice to look at!”

Greythywst laughed! “Ahh, good Rin! You would find her a difficult companion.” He walked to his left, inspecting the fiery form behind the crystal barrier. He turned and faced the rest of his party.

“Behold that which hasn’t been seen in generations! This is Asherai! An Elemental from the Eternal Flames of the Outer Void. Summoned by the wizards of the High Elven Council to help battle the Dark Warlock during the Great War. Many Elementals were summoned to our mortal plane to aid Nyria in defeating the horror of that Black Warlock and without their aid the War might have been lost!”

He turned back to confront the now fully alert Elemental angrily staring at the people in the chamber. The wizard shook his head sadly. “In those final moments of battle, so great was the effort to defeat the Warlock, the combined strength of all our wizards were so concentrated on him, they weren’t able to stay aware of the Elementals during the attack and some broke free to wander off into the wilds.”

“Yes,” Dolen replied, “I remember now! Many of the survivors were sent out to find the uncontrolled Elementals so they could be constrained by a wizard’s circle.” The elf stepped close to the crystal, intent on the creature there. Asherai, too, closed in and the two stared at each other. The fiery creature smiled slowly and the brilliance of her fires waned. At length, she turned and walked away, barely alit as she retreated.

Dolen stared after her. “Greythywst?” he said, “How has she come to this? Surely no mere mortal man could have captured this creature. Only magic could have imprisoned her like this! And if they controlled her, why didn’t they just send her back to the Void?”

Eritra was standing back from the rest of the company, listening but not really understanding what was being discussed. A Black Warlock? A Great War that had nearly destroyed the world? She didn’t know what to think but she did know Kheb was still a captive. She wrapped her arms around herself to try to calm the fury building in her breast, unwilling to make angry accusations but growing more frustrated by what she saw as unnecessary delay. She gathered her coils up beneath her and turned away to bide her time. She froze. Something was standing in the shadows, still and silent.

“Dolen.” She called. “Come here!”

“Eh?” the elf warrior grunted. He walked toward the Njai. As he neared her, he slowed. There was another crystal wall before him. He hadn’t noticed it when he had approached the Elemental’s cell. Drawing next to the swaying Njai, he saw what she had.

“Grethywst, bring some light over here.”

The wizard came quickly, the tip of his staff flaring. A bluish reflection washed back at the company, but in the glow a tall slender figure stood immobile before them. Statue-like, it rested as if carved from blackened granite. Heedless. Motionless.

“It can’t be!” Greythywst gasped! Dolen turned to the wizard and was struck by Gwyddian’s wide-eyed stare! The elven wizard looked stunned.

“Greythywst?” Dolen spoke softly. The wizard turned to look at the warrior.

“The horror released by the Dark Warlock! Many lives were spent in suppressing and containing its power!” Greythywst began shuddering. “The High Elven Council and the Gibbous took charge of the captive and spirited it away to a hidden prison, there to be confined forever.” The wizard seemed to sag. “I had no idea they had brought it here!”

Dolen felt his blood chill. He turned to look at the still shape within the cell. “This?” He asked quietly.

“Yes!” Greythywst replied heavily. “It is the Lich!”

Writer’s words:

Hello, my fellow ROK players! It was a lot fun writing THE FAEL WASTE for you. It made me feel good to see so many of your encouraging comments. I had so much fun doing the story that I am considering another effort. This time, I plan to bring you a tale from before the Great War of the Third Age begins and end it with that stupendous conflict’s beginning. Yes, there will ROK heroes appearing in the text but there will also be non-ROK characters. After all, it is my story and I will write it as I deem proper. I think you will enjoy what you will read. As in THE FAEL WASTE, new persona will add their actions to the narrative. A word about Moira and Allura? No, they were NOT ROK heroes in the strict sense. However, these two characters were representing two actual ROK players who asked me if they could be in my story and I agreed. I tried to make them believable and heroic, as they certainly are in the current world of ROK! So, as with THE FAEL WASTE, THE DARK WARLOCK Is my gift for you all to enjoy. It is NOT AN EVENT! There are no prizes available to you for taking the time to read it. It is a story, pure and simple. If you read it from its beginning, I will try to entertain you for your effort. One thing you need to keep in mind is that I have a limit on the size of the submissions and I will try EXTRA HARD to keep the chapters in an 800/900 word range, so patience will reward you. I saw from some of your comments that you wanted to know when the story would end. As the author, my only response is that it will end when it ends.