New Lichbreaker Legions are Here!

When the race of men struck a bargain to defend Nyria together, they took upon themselves a leading role in the great wars of the Third Age and on! Some would have been content with this honorable past, but they never stopped preparing, never stopped training, and now, their hard work pays off as they usher in the Fourth Age and the establishment of the Kingdom of Glory!

Prosperous and with a keen understanding of magic, the Kingdom of Glory plowed a tremendous amount of time and resources into developing this magic. Mages studied these arcane secrets intently, to better understand its power and to understand how to restrain it…if it came to that. They discovered that symbols they already knew held secrets of their own, and Magic Circles and Runes could control and restrain the magic. Craftsmen began engraving those Magic Circles and Runes on equipment using a rare Ore, which imbues it with elemental magic.

These magically imbued equipment can effectively provide their wearers with strength, speed, defense, and damage dealt buffs. Long-term training and teamwork made the Lichbreaker Legions the most powerful war machine in Nyria at the time. Even the Dragons knew to treat them with respect. However, the Kingdom of Glory was riven after the death of the Mad King. None of the Lords or Kings had enough resources to raise such a powerful army! It took time, but by Fourth Age the Lichbreaker Legions had all but disappeared!

Once more, the allied forces of the Lich King and the Orcs threaten the race of men in Nyria. Lords of the land once again seek the secrets of the Lichbreaker Legions that brought peace in another age!

A thick layer of dust covers the documents that bear the ancoient secrets of these warriors. Dust them off and start training your soldiers in their ways – for the Lichbreakers are all that now stands between Nyria and the evil hordes of the Lich King!